Monday, 28 February 2011

The Ivy & Piper Workshop

On Sunday, Mum & I went to a home styling workshop hosted by Mel & Liz from Ivy & Piper.

If you haven't yet read their online magazine make yourself a coffee & head over there pronto!

Bright fabrics in print & sorbet colours, upholstered furniture, lovely lamps, wallpaper, turquoise foo dogs, piped scatter cushions . . . .did I mention tea, sweet treats & champagne?! We discussed the principles of home styling - furniture placement & creating a vignette (much harder than expected!).

A big thanks to the girls from Ivy & Piper for giving me the inspiration & confidence to move my furniture and 'special things' around my home. The next workshop I would like to partake in, is a 'How to upholster a lampshade'.

Is there such thing?

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Table Setting for Dinner

It is amazing how the little niceties of life have so much to do with making a midweek dinner more pleasant- napery, good cutlery & a simple vase of flowers for the middle of the table.

On Sunday, Mum surprised me with these cotton table napkins she had made that weekend.(I am the ideas person, she is the workroom!)
8 Coordinating primary coloured napkins which you don't often see in table settings - makes them quite special I think!

spade correspondence cards
These are the invitations I would use!

And I would wear this dress. . .well maybe not on a Tuesday night!
Polka Dot Dress -

My Dinner Table

A closer look . . .
Glass jar filled with Gumballs
 Laguiole cutlery

After the meal has ended,
your hostess will ask everyone to adjourn
to another room for games & conversation.

Enjoy your midweek dinners! xo

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Monday, 21 February 2011

Nothing happens unless first we dream. Carl Sandburg

e·the·re·al [ih-theer-ee-uhl]   –adjective
1. extremely delicate or refined

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Dishevelled but pretty! 
via bits of beauty

Grown up & sophisticated - guilding & monogram pillows.
Image via This is Gamorous

Quirky & Fun. I'm so partial to British theming.
Image via The Sugar Monster
Flag Prints at PaperPaper at 

And then our bedroom!
I love the wallpaper- Sanderson (Parchment Flowers).
Cushions -

What is it that you love about your own bedroom!?

Friday, 18 February 2011

Welcome Note

Welcome to Lady Chatterley's Affair - a blog dedicated to showcasing weddings, parties, craft projects & home interiors that carry a stylish sophistication & panache.

On the pages to follow you will find a mix of personal disclosure, style advice & a collection of images, musings & daily delights that will attempt to organize the endless inspiration I find from aspects of everyday living.

Photo courtesy of ckmetrophotos