Monday, 21 March 2011

"Isn't it a good thing that we all don't have the same taste"

Dorothy Draper quoted this line for Newspaper Decorating Advice Column, 1962.

Dear Dorothy,

I am besotted by your work. And I am ashamed that I have lived for 29yrs & have only just now found out about you. I hope you will understand 'google' was not around for maybe the first 20 of those years.

Your dramatic use of colour, bold contrast of floral chintz with black & white stripe, checkerboard tiles, chinoiserie furniture & animal print make my heart sing.

Wikipedia (you're probably not familiar with their work)reports your
style was big, brash, bodacious, bold, and bordered on what some would consider gaudy, shocking both men and women of your day.
Good for you. 

If you were alive today I would very much like to be your friend. I will alas have to settle with two of your famous books. Hopefully these might arrive wrapped in time for Mother's Day . . . if only my 6mth old could read this blog (another new age concept you would probably not identify with).

In an interview with designer Carlton Varney for House Beautiful he mentioned that in meetings you would wave your gloved hand & say, "Show me no gravy", meaning you didn't want to see any beige or creams. We have so much in common . . . I actually hate gravy, especially on chips. And I only like beige as a foundation colour. oh . . . yes, and I wore my Grandmother's crotcheted gloves on my wedding day. I'm telling you . . .you would like me.

So, with the little information I have gleaned about you from the internet I will attempt to draw inspiration from your amazing life & in the process enrich my own.  

Respectfully Yours,

Tina Maree Kent  xo

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  1. TK - Love your letter to Ms Draper. I think she would definitely want your friendship.


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