Thursday, 17 March 2011

So it went a little something like this . . .

6am       Wake up to screaming baby. Accidentally brush his head against door frame. 
         Noise continues.

7am       Take the baby for a walk.

7.45am   Spot cute dog trying to cross busy road. Thought . . should I leave baby & save cute dog.    
         No . . babies have priority over cute dogs.

8am      Discover Brisbane News on driveway. Excitement builds.

10am     Finally boil kettle & read said magazine. Contains picture of porcelain birds from ecochic.
             Porcelain Birds - I have the pink ones!

New Vignette (I've only recently discovered this great word)

10.30am     Browse website online.  
10.38am     Decide I need this chair . . . . cue   whole suite.
            I have to have it. (them).
            With pink fabric & white piping.

Bangalow Lounge Chair

10.45am       Chair moves to #1 on my

                   'Significant Birthday Wishlist'

10.46am       Designer Luggage relegated to 5th position

11am     Google Verandah House
While feeding with left hand . . . Add new blog to favourites list- Judy, mastermind behind the chairs!

11.15am        I'm taken to My life My Loves.
         Oh my! Sharnel's fabulous house has Anna Spiro's (doyenne of interiors) stamp throughout! Its just so B.e.A.u.T.i.F.u.L. And there is my chair . . .with all of its other fancy companions.

11.40am   Would I get more money for my Left or Right Kidney  . . . I wonder?


  1. Hilarious post T. Leave your wishlist out in a prominent place for your beau to peruse. Kidney 'donation' may not be necessary! Yes, how divine is that chair (sorry, 'your' chair!). X

  2. Hey Tina. Your day starts off like mine but unfortunately I don't get the Brisbane news. I do love Judy's furniture!!...and I also love your blog...and obviously your son's name!! Love Anika

  3. Anika! I love your babies name too! I bet you are super busy. Thanks for your comments! LovT


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