Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Soft Furnishings For The Study

My friend has recently asked for some help with some bits & pieces for her new study. Yesterday she bought this wonderful 3 seater from Ecochic.
That's right, she heard it here first! 

Pak Persian Rugs
 I love the rich colour & texture of this leather sofa! Reminds me of the British Aristocracy.

And this is similar to the floor rug she has also bought. Looking great so far!

So now we need some cushions, some wall art,a vintage book or two, maybe an old- school globe or wall map . . .

Vintage Union Jack British Flag Tapestry Cushion Pillow
Designer Cushions

Royal Crest Lions & Wreath Woven Tapestry Cushion Cover Sham
Designer Cushions

Thierry Poncelet Pug Tapestry Cushion Cover Sham
Designer Cushions

Decorative Pillow Cover 20 x 20 INCH - Designer Fabric - IKAT Pattern - Throw Pillow - Accent Pillow - Multi Colors
Turquoise Tumbleweed

Charles Darwin The Voyage of the Beagle Antique Book - Second Edition
The Vintage Cabin

Charles Darwin The Origin of Species Antique Book - Definitive 6th Edition
The Vintage Cabin

GINGER JAR No. 2 print     8x10
Art Print Annechovie

I Love Books, Vol. 2 4x6 Fine Art Print, Signed
Signed Fine Art Print The Light Fantastic

JACKSON - custom flat notecard set - MADRAS PLAID  (10 notecards & 10 envelopes)

No study is complete without fabulous paper products.

navy trellis - mousepad with custom monogram
And the final touch . . .an imperial trellis monogrammed mousepad . . .it doesn't get any better than that!

And do tell me the breakdown  . . .
  • Cushions - $200
  • Vintage Books - $200
  • Stationery- $12
  • Art Prints - $40
  • Mouspad - $16
So cull the books which makes the soft furnishings fabulous & affordable!

Do you think she will like it!?


Thanks for the lovely comments!