Monday, 7 March 2011

Tennis Anyone?

Wedding day turns to wedding weekend 

Lately I have found myself wanting to play tennis . . .  . not the competitive, physical type (let's be frank I'm not into actually running for the ball.)

  I just fancy a few shots back & forth.
  I have often thought about 'having the girls around for a hit.' (Of course the dress code would be argyle sweaters & swishy tennis skirts.) 
There are however, a few minor issues with this scenario ....

1. I haven't picked up a racquet since circa 2004.
2. My lacoste tennis skirt will no longer fasten at the waist.
3. I don't own a tennis court.

Of course, you can't play tennis without the right outfit, equipment & refreshments so for now a tennis party inspiration post is the best I can do!

And then I started thinking about a lovely outdoor tennis wedding . . where the men could loosen their madras bowties & have a hit in between pimms & cucumber sandwiches.

Autumn Sunset Madras Bow Tie

 Now what should I work on first . . .the Pimms or my serve!?



  1. Love all these images, T. It all reminds me of your perfect wedding day. I think your next anniversary could be a tennis party, or something similar that you style up...count us in! I laughed out loud at the "minor issues" you say, they are minor...they can all be overcome in some way/shape/form! Send me an invite, please:) Xd

  2. Haha Denise! You're Probably good- I'll be your doubles partner . . . Or maybe I'll get the refreshments! LovT


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