Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Bookish Bride

Today I thought I would share some wedding ideas I have been gathering together for one of my good friends.
I am growing tired of the sweet, overly pretty, sorbet colours & themes  . . . luckily this bride prefers Rich Velvet vs Tulle, Oscar Wilde vs Marian Keyes & Blue Cheese & Brandy vs Macarons & Cupcakes.

So I am thinking:

Library Decor
Rich jewel colours
Country Club
Oscar meets Prince Wil at the Polo (use your imagination on this one!)
Vintage Typography

Let me know what you think!

Zac Posen Wedding style

Set of 4 Vintage Style Family Silhouettes Mother Father Brother Sister
Vintage Dye

Mustache, Bow Tie, and Geek Glasses on a Stick -  Three Peice Photobooth Prop Kit
Little Retreats - for a Photo Booth

Vintage Typewriter Keys Alphabet Text Typography Word Digital Image Download Sheet Transfer To Pillows Totes Tea Towels No. 1611

Vintage deer antlers mounted on a solid wood plaque
High Street Market
 Recession Books: Lady Chatterley's Lodger by DH LawrenceRecession Books: Brideshead Remortgaged by Evelyn Waugh
Recession Books by Standard Designs

Flickr Image

My Bridesmaid Dress- Source Unknown



  1. I think Tina that I would love to be the photographer LOL selfless plug !!! - see you soon ! Darren from CkmetroPhotos

  2. I'd LOVE that too Darren! Your attention to detail is fantastic! See you this wkd. The prop line up sounds tres cool! LovT

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