Monday, 11 April 2011

Fabulous Fabrics

Trellis White / Green Fabric Yard

My latest project 'The Playgroup Room' is nearly finished . . apart from a floor rug & wallpaper (not in the budget just yet!).

Last weekend I won this little black rattan chair on eBay. What a steal! I have decided to lacquer it in the Honeysuckle colour I posted about a few weeks ago.

And cover the seat cushion in this green trellis fabric.

I'm hoping it will look bright & quirky with the mix of Floral, Spot, Stripe, Ikat & now Geometric fabric.

The only thing I really need now is industrial strength scotchguard!

More pictures to follow in a few days.

My latest Ebay purchase

Arches Print - BambooArches Print - Orange


And here are some fabric/wallpaper patterns I love!

Arches Print - Pool
Bamboo Print

Lisa Bengtsson

Even though it is everywhere I always stop for a second look at anything in this Imperial Trellis pattern.

Chloe Sevigny’s entry hall

Imperial Trellis II in Citrine/Ivory
 Imperial Trellis II in Treillage/IvoryImperial Trellis II Ivory/Navy

Anna Spiro's raspberry trellis wallpaper



La Fiorentina by David Hicks in Blue
David Hicks
 La Fiorentina by David Hicks in Coral

Trina Turk Outdoor Geometric - NavyTrina Turk Outdoor Geometric - Navy

Trina Turk Outdoor Geometric - Orange
Trina Turk

Ikat Fabric

Pink Carnation Suzani

Blue Rain Suzani


  1. I'm still so in love with imperial trellis. I'm the same as you...every time I see it I have to stop to admire...

  2. Your wedding looked amazing!! Glad you commented on my blog so I could discover yours.

  3. Love your latest ebay find...can't wait to see it in it's honeysuckle glory. I'm such a fan of chevron, geometrics, trellis - the "playgroup room" is going to be wonderful!! Happy Friday ~

  4. ooh I love those ikat prints! can't wait to see the "after" pictures of your chair. I'm working on a few of my own at the moment - very satisfying but they always take so much longer than you first think!

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