Sunday, 17 April 2011

Special Things on Etsy

You Are Loved
Simply Hue

It is no secret. Etsy & I are in a firm, committed relationship. 

We hit it off immediately & have been inseparable for the past 2 years. We get on like a house on fire.

Etsy always remembers my 'favourite' things, makes me feel great on an otherwise ordinary day & brings interest & colour to my life. I'd say we are soul mates.

And to think, I receive all of this passionate love & I only had to give a few insignificant numbers on my credit card. 

Etsy, I can't see a future that does not include you.  

Tina  xo

RESERVED for N-- Vintage Blue Milk Glass Fruit Bowl or Compote
Baking Sands Vintage

The Lady's Favorites, Vol.2 5x5 Fine Art Print
The Light Fantastic

Tiffany Bow Calling Cards
Letter Love Designs

Vintage Bloom Brooch Aqua Turquoise Daisy Double Layered Flower Blossom Brooch ((Free Shipping USA))
GTL vintage inspired Necklace
Noble House Designs


  1. Isn't Etsy just the best?! All these things are lovely, especially the necklace...

    E & M xx


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