Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Wallpaper - The Ultimate Guide

 A friend of mine recently mentioned she has decided to wallpaper the inside of her cupboard- what a fantastic idea! I love the way wallpaper can dramatically change a space.


Florence Broadhurst Paper
Shannon Fricke via paleblueworld


Porcelain Wallpaper by Studio Ditte via Style-Files
Available here

My Room- parchment flowers

Graham & Brown via six o six design
How wonderful would this be for a playroom!? Although, it might drive me crazy if Henry doesn't stay in the lines! Also how would I enforce that he can only 'create art' on THIS wall!?

Button Wallpaper also by Studio Ditte
And they ship world-wide

And there is that table again!
 My Front entry wallpaper

Also, have a look here for some interesting designs!


  1. the pic of the stairs is a great example!

    I've never been able to commit to a wallpaper - I always think I'd get sick of a whole room or even a wall - but a small splash of print is a fab idea :)

  2. T- you are fabulous! Thank you for more inspiration. I am still searching...I can't seem to find anything with a bold yellow hue. As the rest of our room is white a splash of citrus colour would be nice and fresh; may be even green. I did come across your bedroom wallpaper which I adore. I love the Florence Broadhurst paper in the white cupboard. Henry would be observant of your guidelines i'm sure,Tina!...

  3. Thanks for the link promo. Love the cupboard interiors shots. Im following your blog now. All the best.
    ps - sweet blog title.


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