Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Big Picture

Have you ever felt like the universe just gave you a message?

Earlier this week I felt the universe gave me a shoulder tap & said, ' my dear, you need to get a little more perspective on this one.'

You see I have decided we need a new family room sofa . . I'm all about the bright colours, chinoiserie/hollywood regency style these days (in case you haven't noticed!) and well our sofa is  . .. just beige. And you'd know from an earlier post what Dorothy Draper used to say about gravy/beige colours!

Anyway, so I've been spending ALOT of time talking (okay obsessing) about the sofa & of course its other accessories that seem to have worked their way onto the family room makeover list. Namely- roman blinds, a co-ordinating 2 seater, club chairs, a faux bamboo chippendale chair, side-tables, a bamboo coffee table, mutilple cushions, a table lamp, a TV cabinet, a pagoda hanging light, and a ceramic stool . . . I know, it is making me anxious just writing this!

Stay with me though, there is a point to this rambling! Recently I have gone back to work as a Dietitian in a Brisbane Hospital for 2 days a week & it is great, I love it. On Thursday I saw a fellow with MND (Motor Neurone Disease) . . he is 49yrs old. He has 3 children- 5yrs, 3 yrs & a 1 yr old. His muscles have degraded and he had a feeding tube inserted into his stomach so when he can no longer eat, his nutrition will be through this tube into his stomach. While I was talking to his beautiful wife about how to manage this new feeding schedule, all the while working really hard not to cry . . . .this is when the universe popped by . . .said its piece and made me realize life is not all about expensive quadrille fabric & what family heirlooms I can hock to get it & more importantly how grateful and lucky I should be.

Gosh! That was heavy for a design & party blog  . . .traditionally just full of bright, pretty pictures! So, If you have logged on for the bright,pretty pictures fix & not the sadness of my story I wouldn't want you to miss out!

Here is the couch I'd like(the turquoise one) . . in a 3 seater. Piped with a different colour fabric.

And here are the ceramic stools.

Television Cabinet

And pictures of the fabrics I am now thinking about . . .but only at odd occasions! Not all the time. Sometimes only like once a day.


1,2,3,4,8 lily Pulitzer Furniture 
5,6,7 Quadrille Fabric
9 My own
10 Black & Spiro


  1. Tina, that was deep but so true. Thanks for sharing Oprah calls it..."Aha Moment".

    Best wishes and happy weekend,

  2. the universe can be clever sometimes - it always seems to know when to give us a little reality check.

    it sounds like you have a very rewarding job though!

  3. Such a great story Tina and you are right, I had the same thing happen when I did a photoshoot for a family recently who's little bot has Williams Syndrome he will not reach his 1st birthday..... I tell you this make you look at your life in a different way :)


Thanks for the lovely comments!