Monday, 6 June 2011

Adore Magazine = A Must Read

It is Monday morning, Henry is asleep, and I've just read Loni Parker's Adore Magazine from cover to cover (can you say this when reading online!?)
It was fantastic. 
I'd say it has been a p.e.r.f.e.c.t morning! 

One of the great things about Adore is the amount of products with online links to purchase. As an addict of glossy design magazines I am often frustrated as it is difficult to track down/enquire about the fabrics,rugs,furniture,ceramics, lighting,wallpaper that I'm interested in . . . not to mention the messy tear-outs that pile up on the office desk, my bedside table and the kitchen benchtop.  

And the best thing about this issue of Adore Magazine is the personal tour through Black & Spiro! Do I need to wax lyrical about my favourite Brisbane Interiors Store again!?

Enjoy the read!

lov T


  1. I am working on our living room at the moment T, well currently only in my thought processes, it is yet to translate into practice... so I will search high and low for some spare time to have a read of this mag, which specially features living rooms. Oh my goodnes, the Black and Spiro article and images look amazing! How exciting!! X


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