Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Bridal Showers

Lately I've had weddings on my mind. Two of my best friends are getting married & I am 'chief or head-girl' as we like to call it. Not buxom enough to be a matron & a little more sophisticated than a maid . . . what do you think of the title!? Anyway, I am looking at bridal showers with a difference & have come across some pretty fabulous ideas & images.
First of all I wanted to do this Baking Party for one friend . . . but with 29yr olds not 9yr olds!

And there is this idea for the other friend.

A cellar party or cheese & wine tasting. Guests bring a bottle of wine for the couple instead of a gift. Find printable invites here and here.
Use our stationery templates to add style Match wine and cheese

Or what about this pretty afternoon tea?
Found over here.
bridal shower inspiration board

But I think my all time favourite would have to be this Kitchen Tea. Styled to perfection & such a nice idea!
Pop on over to Hello Naomi . . .I bet you'll stay awhile.


  1. I like head girl! I'm going to steal that title too!
    Any of these party idea's look like fun- gorgeous and fun. Can't wait to see what you plan!

  2. These look like great parties. You'll be popular if you can pull these off! I love the idea of a baking party.

  3. I love the pictures of the bottles...are they lemonade? Just lovely, such a pretty touch. You have a divine blog.


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