Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Nursery Inspiration

Last year when I was working on the nursery I found it quite hard to find things that matched the aesthetic I was after. Everything seemed to be typically 'baby' with printed giraffes or 'toot toot' boats being my only choice. It seemed the main stream baby shops were doing 'jungle theme' in 2010 not 'vintage nautical'.

After alot of searching, I found it was better for me to look in the not so obvious places for unique furniture, wall art & those 'look at only' treasures.

Yesterday I came across this wonderful Nursery Blog, Laybabylay  . .and  . . gosh . . . I can't wait to do the next one . . .actually I can wait ... . . but now it won't be such a mission!

Boy Nursery Inspiration Board

girl nursery inspiration board

pink & navy girl nursery inspiration

traditional boy nursery inspiration board

baby nursery inspiration board

I know, I know . .they're amazing right!? Her themes are just too good.


  1. They're put together so beautifully! Lots of great finds there..

  2. I love them all! Love a beautiful nursery!!

  3. T I've been meaning to comment for so long. From someone without the slightest idea about interiors your blog is aesthetic heaven. I LOVE the pink and navy mood board. I hope you, Tim and Henry are well. Love g xox


Thanks for the lovely comments!