Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Lovely Sunday Lunch

Last weekend I put together a Sunday Lunch Table for 20 guests. The blue & white gingham with the yellow contrast looked wonderful on the deck.
It was fun working on the concept & I was thrilled with how it looked on the day!

Massive thanks to Mum who did all of the sewing . . .I know she doesn't want to see another YELLOW FRILL for quite some time!

What is in the little boxes??? The host wanted a 'game/conversation piece'. Each box contained 5 letters & each guest had to swap letters around the table.  First guest to make a 5 letter word won a prize!
Flowers by Nanette Gower of Making Arrangements.




  1. This is a gorgeous set up T!! I really love the yellow frill on the gingham, it really makes a statement, and I although I love a neutral palette, yellow would have to be one of my exceptions! You did a great job on those little conversation boxes, too and the colourful buttons look fabulous. And the chefs look great, too - their aprons even match the colour theme! Where is that divine place??

  2. Tina, I love it, really crisp and clean. Great use of the yellow in Winter, really brightens it up! Fab place cards too. T x

  3. What a beautiful table setting. Love the colours!!


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