Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What is it about Bangalow?

Last weekend, Tim & I went to Bangalow . . .

I have been thinking about why my weekend was so good!? We've been to Bangalow before & it was lovely . . .but I think it was better this time as Henry was in Noosa!!

So here is a wrap up of the restaurants we ate in & the shopping spots we visited.

We woke on Saturday morning to a lush green valley view   . . . and a friendly black cow wanting to say hello!

Next stop was Ate for breakfast. Avocado, parsley & lemon juice on organic sourdough - delicious & the coffee was better! I can't believe I mentioned food before decor - BIG fan of black & white stripes, as you know. And this is Tim, he had green eggs & ham. He didn't actually know what green eggs were . . .and definitely doesn't know he is on the blog, so let us not tell him!

The rest of the day involved lots of wandering & shopping. I'd poke in & out of the shops along the main street & Tim was content reading the real estate windows.

Some of my highlights:


On Saturday night I had crab Linguine at The Eltham Pub & Sunday breakfast was at an old favourite Utopia. The apple & ginger juice was something else!

On our way out of town I battled with sat nav (and Tim) to find this spot . . . .Country House Antiques. Where I bought this wonderful blue vase!

And I wish we'd saved some room for something sweet across the road at Harvest. Next time I guess.


oh . . and these were for Henry because we missed him so much!


  1. Sounds like the most fabulous weekend! I'd never heard of Bangalow before, we're so sheltered down here! Love your new vase and the fact you talked food before design - a girl after my own heart! Also love Henry's shoes, I have a pair of black patent walnuts myself and they're like slippers!

  2. Thanks for all the great tips! We're heading to Byron in a month or so so will come in very handy! Have a great weekend :) Abbey x


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