Sunday, 25 September 2011

Mrs Lilien

by Mrs Lilien

Mrs Lilien has hands down THE best taste.
She is one of those designers that nails it all the time, everytime.
Quick! Get over there & check it out.  

I love this festive post from Mrs. Lilien today

Mrs. Snooozzy via Mrs. Lilien

ohh mrs. lilien, you make me smile.

Great Layout from Mrs. Lilien blog. She creates a great profile of

mrs. hangover

Honeymoon Suitcase by Mrs. Lilien
All images Mrs Lilien via  Pinterest

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Fabulously Psychedelic Neon Fluorescent...

10 Neon Pink Parcel Gift Tags

Brooklyn Bride


Design Sponge

paper bow die cut punches hot pink and green neon 100 count

Paper Flowers for Wedding Decors, Embellishments or Scrap booking - Neon Fuchsia Pink - 60 pcs - Wholesale

Pink and Orange Paper Garland

Kitschy Flamingo Charms (10) Colorful Kawaii


Vintage Crepe Streamers

Cute idea to dip spoons, even plastic spoons for bridal parties, baby showers, festive parties.
Love Maegan

Hip Hip Hooray

Sunday, 18 September 2011

It starts with an Invitation!

I am a big believer in old school invitations.
Preferably 300gsm.

So if I were having a Summer Wedding or Party this is where I'd start . . .

Minted is one of the best invitation websites I've come across. Their designs are so fresh & beautiful & the quality perfect.

And I'd definitely wear this hat to my Summer Party. 
Wouldn't it be great with any one of these colourful frocks!?

Maybe with a bauble brooch.

And these.

And I would try to put Tim in this ensemble.

Or he could even choose you know!

We'd be eating these for sure.

rainbow bright

And blowing bubbles just for kicks!

I'd probably ask my Grandma to craft up one of these.


And there would certainly be some DIY similar to, but not limited to this.

Hostess Blog

What about this cake!
 M&M;'s colorful cake 

 Are you as excited as I am about this party!?


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Oh Designer's Guild

Oh Designer's Guild! 
I have lusted after you since I was a little girl.
The bright patterns always lure me in. 
Sadly you are too pricey for me . . .and for this reason we can't have a working relationship. It would be great if you could sort that out & come up with a fabric line 'for the masses'. 
Easton Pearson did it & so did Collete Dinnigan . . . .and lots of people at Target have been doing it for years . . . mind you though . . .they have sacrificed on quality.
You shoudn't, it weakens your brand. 
Back when I was at University I would live off tuna & 2 minute noodles to buy overly expensive things I didn't absolutely need- like ball dresses, sparkly clutches & race hats. I want to do this trick now but I can't you see as I have a family . . . & they won't go along with it . . I just know they won't!  
In the meantime while I search for pennies beneath the 'non designers guild' couch cushions I'll just peruse again to see what I'm missing out on!! 

amrapali fuchsia cushion in linen with silk trim

Charlottenberg Peony Pink Cushion printed linen and cotton mix

Rosenholm Rose Pink Cushion  embroidered linen

Brera Largo Peony Pink Cushion  Pure Linen

Flamingo Park Lime Green Cushion printed cotton mix

Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Tea Party

From one party to another!
Some pretty image inspiration for an upcoming Bridal Shower for my friend in October.
I'm thinking 1950's tea party.
If only I had this baking talent!

Lov T xo

P.S Thanks to all of those who pop in to read my blog.
Love love your comments!
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