Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A little about alot

Don't you hate it when IT fails & you know you just don't have the skills to fix it! That has been me for the past week. All good now though!

So here is a little bit about alot of things that have been happening lately!

Bridesmaid Ensemble
The Bride lives in Charleville & I live in Brisbane, so its often difficult when we are talking about jewels, materials & colours for the bridesmaid outfits. So one afternoon I put out combos on my bed & started snapping.

1. Vegas in the Springtime
2. Ladies who Lunch
3. A touch of turqouise

Vegas in the Springtime is my favourite but we're going with Ladies who Lunch as it fits in with the Polo Club wedding just perfectly!

Significant Birthday Woollahra Weekend
Well, my birthday finally arrived. I turned 30. As I am pregnant again we thought a 'big bash' with lots of booze & uninhibited dancing was not really my idea of a good time. So, Tim & I had a weekend in Woollahra, Sydney . . . and it was wonderful!

The Highlights:
1. Stayed at The Hughenden Boutique Hotel
 2. Shopped at Piggott's Store, Genevieve Lethu, Trelise Cooper & The Sydney Antique Centre
3. Dined at Bistro Moncur with best friends & Big Mamas

Sneak Peek - Leah's Bridal Shower
I think I've mentioned it a few times before but I am hosting Leah's Bridal Shower. We are having a Linen Shower. And here are a few things I've been working on this week for the afternoon tea party on Saturday. I'm particularly loving the picture wall which includes the Bride's save the date, wedding invitation & the shower invite. This was my 7am project!

New Things
Here are a couple of photos of some new pretties around my house. Mum helped me hang the pictures yesterday & the vase was a birthday present from Mum & Dad. Its circa 1900's. And Tim bought me a laptop - blogging on the kitchen bench is soooo much better than down in the office.

And Just In Case You Forgot How Cute He Is
Did I mention clever as well!? ha.
And have you seen this BRW yet?
My friend Georgina Dent wrote the story & she got the front cover! Such a great article about blogging.  


  1. Everything looks beautiful!
    When is the wedding?
    And when is your baby due? X

  2. hey Rachael! Wedding is in a fortnight and baby due in March- fingers crossed for a girl this time round! Thanks for visiting today. lovT

  3. WOW - Leah is so lucky! I also, have some stylish friends but Leah is one lucky duck to have you as her "head girl". Have fun during all the pre wedding events and I can't wait to see your 'lady who lunches' bridesmaid outfit. Sounds fabulous! Love Fran x

  4. Can't wait to see the pictures from the bridal afternoon tea! Godd luck with everything!

  5. Great work on the bridal shower, T!! I LOVE that vase from your mum and dad, wow, just beautiful. I'd love to read that article, too, I must chase it up. And, NO, I had not forgotten how adorable (and clever H is!!! But the reminder is most welcome:) Xd

  6. What a fabulous update, Tina! It had a bit of everything! Love love love stopping over at Lady Chatterley's Affair xo

  7. Happy birthday Tina! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend :)

    Abbey x

  8. Congratulations T!! I have been behind in catching up on my favourites blogs and have just seen the exciting news that you're expecting again!! I hope it's all going well. Can't wait to read which nursery interiors get the go ahead after your scan. And how kind of you to put in a little plug for BRW. Thank you!
    Love g

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Thanks for the lovely comments!