Saturday, 1 October 2011

Wedding Seating Boards

I find seating cards and boards for weddings can be tricky. There are so many wonderful photos with ideas and beautiful DIY decorations but really how practical are they for a party of 130- 200 people!?

Some of the ideas would work perfectly for small numbers but as with many 'styled' wedding session photos they just can't be replicated en masse without huge budgets & large craft factories! My Mum actually made 240 fabric napkins for our wedding . . .it was her largest project yet. And now 20 bright pink pink ones for a Bridal Shower coming up.

Maybe the key is outsource the big tasks and be busy at your kitchen table with the little projects!

Cake ink events

Every Last Detail
 Here are some wedding seating card images I'm looking at right now.

Chloe Simpson via Pinterest


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