Monday, 14 November 2011

Lately . . .

There are lots of things happening around this time of year . . .

Henry was a surfer at Noosa last weekend!
His exceptional swimming outfit is from MINI Boutique.
Owned by local mother of 2, Libby Scott. I love the store! 
We thought he looked incredibly French . . . he undressed on the beach like the French men too!!

Nanny made a Christmas Wreath for our front gate (the lady has talent!)

And I'm borrowing this idea from Magnolia Interiors & our Christmas Tablecloth will be in this fabric . . . more on that later.
Thinking rafia chargers + black & white ribbon in the mix.
Red, green & gold have had their day wouldn't you agree!?

And since we are showing & telling . . . this is the new wallpaper I have ordered.
Image Hosted by Auctiva
Chinoiserie anyone?
Nervous whether it will look any good on the fireplace but standby on this one.

Some New Nursery Essentials.
I've decided to cover this chair in this pretty floral fabric & use the pink & green gingham for other things in the room. 
And add this side table from my newly opened shop So exciting!
I've wanted to have a shop since I started selling things with my friend Becky in grade 5!!

Henry's New Room Ideas
And now Henry is on the move to his new room. 
Henry's Room is changing. I still want to keep the wall collection but he will (cross fingers) move to a bed & will need some other things for his room.

Here are the fabrics I am thinking of for a bedhead, bedspread, pillow/cushion.

And with either a red or white cane bedside table from the shop.

And gosh this chair would look pretty great too!
Mum & I often joke that I keep pilfering stock!  

That's it for now! Happy Monday everyone.
Thanks for the comments I do love reading them!


  1. I can't wait to see H's new room now he is a big boy! I also can't wait for your little girls room - what a wonderful, talented mother you are!

  2. Love the fabric for the Christmas table! I always prefer to stray from the traditional colours for decorations and wrapping. And the arm chair sounds lovely! Can't wait to see the final product. Have a wonderful week! Jx

  3. Tina, where do you source such lovely fabrics from? You are positively glowing. Pregnancy agrees with you!

  4. So much fabulousness going on Tina! What an exciting time for you. Love all your wallpaper and fabric choices. Can't wait to see how it all comes together :)

    Abbey x

  5. Thanks Everyone! Can't wait to hang the Boat Oar in H's room finally Leah! I'm going to put hooks on it & hang his hats! Top present. lovT

  6. Oh Tina, all your beautiful nursery planning is making me want to peek inside our envelope so I can find out the gender of our baby so I can plan the nursery...hmm...will have to ponder some more about it. Your little girl's room will look fabulous in those colours and designs, how fun assembling it all! Ditto for Henry's room, and I love the third fabric down in the blue hues. The first photo of you and H at the beach is stunning, my favourite!! And congratulations o n the shop opening! Just so exciting for you, what a great moment in time in your life!~ Well done, I look forward to browsing and shopping! xd

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