Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Setting the Christmas Table

As mentioned earlier . . . I have been thinking (mostly at 4am . . . when the birds & Henry both wake) about our Christmas Table set-up for this year.

I am totally wrapped in this fabric, recently purchased but very worried seafood sauce will ultimately be its downfall. Thus rendering it a table cloth for the rest of its days.

So this morning I played around a little bit & came up with two options.
What do you think? Table Style 1 or 2!??
Cast your vote in the comments section.

Table Style 1- A Little Bit of Pretty

Table Style 2-  Black & White Stripe Fantastic

I mentioned our wedding china setting way back here, and more ribbons will soon be added to my shop here.

So, after all of that table setting hoohah. . .  I had a thought . .. what if the pretty fabric were used instead for a lampshade thereby ensuring longevity.
What the hell, vote on that too!  

And this is not related, but here is the wallpaper I've just bought sitting in position.
I like it.
Tim asked 'why do we want Chinese people picnicking in our lounge room'(opinions like this are generally ignored) & Mum thinks it would look better in a powder room.
And one of my besties thinks there is just something wrong with it. Honestly . . . what is it that they say about asking for other people's thoughts & opinions!?

Thanks for reading! I love hearing from you.
Here and here are a few more great table setting ideas.


  1. Tim cracks me up. Totally sounds like Josh. I like table 1 but agree you'll be sad if it's ruined by people who don't appreciate the specialness of the fabric. Anyway, off to have a baby (I wish)!!! H xx

  2. I cant decide!!! The floral table cloth is beautiful but the stripe is so striking! I'll go table 1 if it's for lunch and table 2 if it's a dinner.
    And the wallpaper would look gorgeous with the venetian mirror and the fresh white mantle! Love it! Jx

  3. I'm loving table 1 T! It's just so festive. And I imagine any spilllages could be washed out and at worst case scenario napisan-ed out in a short soak...and you could then use it for a lampshade cover. I hope H gives you a sleep in soon! X

  4. Only yesterday I told a friend/tradesman/painter that I didn't understand why "his people" think they get an opinion. In 2010 he told me my chalkboard kitchen wall idea was "stupid and will be messy" and this month he expressed my new yellow, and white living room will look like "Cat Yellow" ie the heavy machinery brand..... I politely told him "he has the trade, I have the vision" and then I said "I can't be around you anymore!"

    Your wall paper is stunning - my mother has oriental toile (I think thats what its called) all over her house. I'm going to steal some when I visit her at Xmas. It's timeless!

    Ps. So table 1 - it's so beautiful xxxx

  5. My vote's with Table 1 - it's a bit more Australian Summer - light, breezy, colourful, warm and fun. Table 2 is totally gorgeous, but a bit more formal and I agree, better for a dinner party.

    Aren't you organised?! Wish I could have people around to my place for Christmas lunch, but there's just no room! We'd be eating off our laps or sitting on the footpath for all the space I have to offer!

    Yay for 1 December tomorrow, I just love Christmas


  6. Hmm both gorgeous Tina but I think table 2 gets my vote. That fabric will look awesome on the lamp :)

    Abbey x

  7. So hard to choose both stunning. I agree with Jane - table one for lunch and table two for dinner. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Option number one really is lovely. But my vote has to go to number two - those stripes are just gorgeous. Love love love! xx

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