Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Our Crafternoon

Henry & I had a great time doing craft this afternoon.
I made these brightly coloured party hats for his 1st birthday . . . .it's not til September but I like to start early! Henry was busy riding 'Neddy the vintage horse'  . . .which actually used to be my horse!

And then he had an outfit change & decided he didn't want to do craft anymore!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Big Picture

Have you ever felt like the universe just gave you a message?

Earlier this week I felt the universe gave me a shoulder tap & said, ' my dear, you need to get a little more perspective on this one.'

You see I have decided we need a new family room sofa . . I'm all about the bright colours, chinoiserie/hollywood regency style these days (in case you haven't noticed!) and well our sofa is  . .. just beige. And you'd know from an earlier post what Dorothy Draper used to say about gravy/beige colours!

Anyway, so I've been spending ALOT of time talking (okay obsessing) about the sofa & of course its other accessories that seem to have worked their way onto the family room makeover list. Namely- roman blinds, a co-ordinating 2 seater, club chairs, a faux bamboo chippendale chair, side-tables, a bamboo coffee table, mutilple cushions, a table lamp, a TV cabinet, a pagoda hanging light, and a ceramic stool . . . I know, it is making me anxious just writing this!

Stay with me though, there is a point to this rambling! Recently I have gone back to work as a Dietitian in a Brisbane Hospital for 2 days a week & it is great, I love it. On Thursday I saw a fellow with MND (Motor Neurone Disease) . . he is 49yrs old. He has 3 children- 5yrs, 3 yrs & a 1 yr old. His muscles have degraded and he had a feeding tube inserted into his stomach so when he can no longer eat, his nutrition will be through this tube into his stomach. While I was talking to his beautiful wife about how to manage this new feeding schedule, all the while working really hard not to cry . . . .this is when the universe popped by . . .said its piece and made me realize life is not all about expensive quadrille fabric & what family heirlooms I can hock to get it & more importantly how grateful and lucky I should be.

Gosh! That was heavy for a design & party blog  . . .traditionally just full of bright, pretty pictures! So, If you have logged on for the bright,pretty pictures fix & not the sadness of my story I wouldn't want you to miss out!

Here is the couch I'd like(the turquoise one) . . in a 3 seater. Piped with a different colour fabric.

And here are the ceramic stools.

Television Cabinet

And pictures of the fabrics I am now thinking about . . .but only at odd occasions! Not all the time. Sometimes only like once a day.


1,2,3,4,8 lily Pulitzer Furniture 
5,6,7 Quadrille Fabric
9 My own
10 Black & Spiro

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Decorating the Fireplace Mantel

Who would think arranging things on my faux fireplace mantel could take up so much of my thinking time!
Its true . . sometimes I go to bed happy with how it looks, having just spent time 'playing' with proportion/ symmetry/colour only to wake up unhappy with it again.
This is how it looked today . . .
but who knows how it will look tomorrow.
Maybe it's time I found another hobby!?

Mary McDonald via Chinoiserie Chic

Domino Mag via The Blue House

Lonny Magazine

Monday, 16 May 2011

Gift Wrapping

Have you noticed present wrapping has been taken to a whole new level since the 'crafting craze' started a few years ago!?

Have a look at these beauties! They look so good who cares what is inside!!
wrap it up

wrap it up wednesday


la Ribbons
Creature Comforts
7 Year Wedding
A Gift Wrapping Station

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Amazing DIY tablecloth

While reading Lonny Magazine this lazy Sunday afternoon I clicked further to this cool shop called Perch in New Orleans . .   . .& you know how it goes . . then I ended up on their blog.
And found this great tablecloth idea.

Check it out HERE for the original DIY instructions. 

Looks like I'm busy on Monday!

p.s I wish Black & Spiro had a sale every weekend!!

Tina xo

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mother's Day Breakfast

Better late than never! Here are some photos from a really lovely  day!

And here are some pretty tables from around the web. After seeing these, I'm definitely stepping it up for next year!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Studying some Ideas

Our office needs ALOT of work & this morning I woke up & wanted to make a start & put together some ideas . . . . . ideas 1st, budget 2nd. Thats the way it works isn't it!?

Here are some pictures I've found for inspiration.

Re-issued vintage print by Carlton Varney





This last one is a window display styled by Eddie Ross for Carlton Varney. Pop over here and read the fabulous story!

Tim probably wouldn't really embrace the spring florals but I might get a nod towards this lime, turquoise & white combo.

House Beautiful


Love Tina   xo

Monday, 2 May 2011

Baby Shower Invites

These might just be the best Baby Shower Invites I've seen!
Illustrated by Anna Bond from Rifle Paper & Co.
I've been following her for a couple of years now & her paper products are truly beautiful.

So the idea is a Book-Themed baby shower. Each guest brings a book for the baby & included in the printable package is a book-plate to be signed by the guest  . . & don't forget the sweet bookmark.

Now for the best news . . . they are free!

Pop over to Marthastewart.