Saturday, 25 June 2011

I Love Picnics!

This week has been busy! Styling the Long Lunch, working on Lady Chatterley's Affair Online Store, crafting for Henry's Party & working part-time.

Last year I came across this Sydney duo & their fabulous business Sydney Picnic Co. . . . . wish I had time for a quiet picnic this weekend!

The styled picnics are so beautiful and all hand-made.

Imagine . . .for a wedding proposal, valentines day, a birthday or any given Sunday!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Long Sunday Lunches

Southern Accents


Pink Preppy Lilly Lover

I've been asked to create & style a table for 20 guests for a Long Sunday Lunch in a couple of weeks. Sounds divine doesn't it!?

Can't wait to get started. Here are some inspiration images I've been looking at.

The 1st one is my favourite - I like the way they've tried to bring inside outside. And that perfectly pleated tablecloth arrangement is so neat & sophisticated.



cute pink stuff

blooms by the box


"kate spade party inspiration"


Ci Ci Absolutely White

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Bridal Showers

Lately I've had weddings on my mind. Two of my best friends are getting married & I am 'chief or head-girl' as we like to call it. Not buxom enough to be a matron & a little more sophisticated than a maid . . . what do you think of the title!? Anyway, I am looking at bridal showers with a difference & have come across some pretty fabulous ideas & images.
First of all I wanted to do this Baking Party for one friend . . . but with 29yr olds not 9yr olds!

And there is this idea for the other friend.

A cellar party or cheese & wine tasting. Guests bring a bottle of wine for the couple instead of a gift. Find printable invites here and here.
Use our stationery templates to add style Match wine and cheese

Or what about this pretty afternoon tea?
Found over here.
bridal shower inspiration board

But I think my all time favourite would have to be this Kitchen Tea. Styled to perfection & such a nice idea!
Pop on over to Hello Naomi . . .I bet you'll stay awhile.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Confessions of a Flower Thief

I have a confession to make.

I steal flowers from the man next door.

Gosh . . I've said it . . out in the open now . . for all the world to judge.

I steal them on average twice a week. Sometimes at dusk before he gets home from work, sometimes first thing in the morning when its just Henry & I awake and sometimes in the middle of the day, just because I like to double dare myself!

Here are some photos of the stolen goods.

Look . . . from where I'm sitting if he didn't have such pretty flowers I wouldn't have to steal them!


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Two Golden Hours- this Sunday & Monday!

two golden hours postcard

Count me in!
Sunday 12th & Monday 13th June.
This is what they have to say:

'Two golden hours is a pop-up shop promising a truly unique retail and sensory experience, a window of retreat. This inaugural event brings together an array of hand sourced vintage & reclaimed wares with an exclusive range of products handmade by local artisans.' 

'Two golden hours is a working collaboration between sisters kristina powrie of oldyarns. & georgina hobson of perpetual one, who each run their own creative businesses.'

'Borne of a long held desire to stage a unique retail occasion, two golden hours draws on their sense for finding uncommon beauty in vintage and handmade objects and their talent for styling and staging memorable events.'

Check out their website for details.
See you there!

Lov T

Nursery Inspiration

Last year when I was working on the nursery I found it quite hard to find things that matched the aesthetic I was after. Everything seemed to be typically 'baby' with printed giraffes or 'toot toot' boats being my only choice. It seemed the main stream baby shops were doing 'jungle theme' in 2010 not 'vintage nautical'.

After alot of searching, I found it was better for me to look in the not so obvious places for unique furniture, wall art & those 'look at only' treasures.

Yesterday I came across this wonderful Nursery Blog, Laybabylay  . .and  . . gosh . . . I can't wait to do the next one . . .actually I can wait ... . . but now it won't be such a mission!

Boy Nursery Inspiration Board

girl nursery inspiration board

pink & navy girl nursery inspiration

traditional boy nursery inspiration board

baby nursery inspiration board

I know, I know . .they're amazing right!? Her themes are just too good.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Adore Magazine = A Must Read

It is Monday morning, Henry is asleep, and I've just read Loni Parker's Adore Magazine from cover to cover (can you say this when reading online!?)
It was fantastic. 
I'd say it has been a p.e.r.f.e.c.t morning! 

One of the great things about Adore is the amount of products with online links to purchase. As an addict of glossy design magazines I am often frustrated as it is difficult to track down/enquire about the fabrics,rugs,furniture,ceramics, lighting,wallpaper that I'm interested in . . . not to mention the messy tear-outs that pile up on the office desk, my bedside table and the kitchen benchtop.  

And the best thing about this issue of Adore Magazine is the personal tour through Black & Spiro! Do I need to wax lyrical about my favourite Brisbane Interiors Store again!?

Enjoy the read!

lov T