Saturday, 27 August 2011

Only White & Yellow Will Do!

The only thing floating my boat right now is the colour combination of white & yellow . . .
  • white & yellow gingham tablecloths
  • white & yellow chevron party boxes
  • white & yellow garden signs
  • white & yellow lanterns
  • white & yellow daisies
  • white & yellow cupcakes
  • White & yellow marzipan
That's right still sourcing & crafting for Henry's 1st birthday in September!
Meanwhile I've joined Pinterest . . . and it has changed my life. Image after fabulous image.
Bedtime reading will never be the same again!  Browsing on the other hand . . . well, Pinterest takes it to a whole new level!

Turquoise Tulips & Bliss

Bows Ribbons & Pearls

Regas New York

Bella Cupcakes

This is Glamorous

This is a sweet yellow/white bouquet
Martha Stewart Weddings



Mae Mae Paperie

Monday, 22 August 2011

No Chintz

I've been pouring over images again . . .this time it is from the No Chintz Newsletter that arrived in my Inbox last week.
Have a look at

And coincidentally, Mum showed me an old Vogue with beautiful images of the owner, Chrissie Jeffery's home. I've not been to the store yet but we are planning  'my significant birthday trip' in October & this spot in Woollahra definitely makes the list!

All images care of Vogue Living & No Chintz.


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What is it about Bangalow?

Last weekend, Tim & I went to Bangalow . . .

I have been thinking about why my weekend was so good!? We've been to Bangalow before & it was lovely . . .but I think it was better this time as Henry was in Noosa!!

So here is a wrap up of the restaurants we ate in & the shopping spots we visited.

We woke on Saturday morning to a lush green valley view   . . . and a friendly black cow wanting to say hello!

Next stop was Ate for breakfast. Avocado, parsley & lemon juice on organic sourdough - delicious & the coffee was better! I can't believe I mentioned food before decor - BIG fan of black & white stripes, as you know. And this is Tim, he had green eggs & ham. He didn't actually know what green eggs were . . .and definitely doesn't know he is on the blog, so let us not tell him!

The rest of the day involved lots of wandering & shopping. I'd poke in & out of the shops along the main street & Tim was content reading the real estate windows.

Some of my highlights:


On Saturday night I had crab Linguine at The Eltham Pub & Sunday breakfast was at an old favourite Utopia. The apple & ginger juice was something else!

On our way out of town I battled with sat nav (and Tim) to find this spot . . . .Country House Antiques. Where I bought this wonderful blue vase!

And I wish we'd saved some room for something sweet across the road at Harvest. Next time I guess.


oh . . and these were for Henry because we missed him so much!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Cane Rooms & Red Velvet Cake

You are right . . they have nothing to do with each other . . .except that I like them both . . .maybe equally!
So now, imagine this white cane bed, beautiful isn't it.
Now imagine this white cane bed, with a red velvet cupcake & the Donna Hay Kid's Magazine on a Sunday afternoon . . even better!  
Home Klond Ike

Although . . . it could taste better on a fine china plate, sitting on one of these cool green side tables.

Vintage Home


Or . .  everyone could have a piece of cake & strawberry tea in a fancy jug & sit at the table for an afternoon treat!?

Donna Hay Kid's Magazine
And after we've finished we could all get to work making a nice garland like this one!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pink - just a little or a whole lot!

Interior Divine

pinkroom2 The Boudoir Is Now Pretty, Pretty Princess Pink.

Nordic Rooms

Apartment Therapy
House Beautiful via Ramona Williams

Phoebe Howard

House Beautiful

Pink Side Table - $150

Pink Timber Single BedHead - $250

Pink Timber Table - $250
Pink Linen & Velvet cushion - $70