Monday, 31 October 2011

Two Years Ago . . .

Our Wedding Anniversary was 2 years ago! It feels like so much has happened since this special day.

In fact, we stood in the kitchen this morning & were trying to work out the actual date that we were married. I was thinking about what was written on the church booklets to jog my memory . . .and I know the Jacarandas were in full bloom. Tim was sure it was the weekend after Melbourne Cup.

We blame our lack of  recognition on the 4.30am wake up  . . . .and so over vegemite toast & milk we filled Henry in on the details of such a great day!  

Happy Anniversary Tim . . .  .for November 7, 2009!  


Darren Nolan CKMetro Photos

Dress by Paul Hunt, Brisbane.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

G is for Girl!!

That's right! How lucky I am!

So I told Henry . . . & showed him this picture from Pinterest.
In today's politically correct world there is nothing wrong with a girl dressed as an Indian chief!  


Although I would rather these . . .
I found this shop in Sydney a couple of weeks ago.
How good . . .it is online . . . not good that they are a small fortune.
Maybe one per season!?


Meal Set
Musical Mobile

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Monday, 24 October 2011

Let's Wait & See

This morning I have the important scan & we find out if it is a boy or a girl. We all know which one I'm barracking for.
Last night I thought about the whole boy/girl situation & came to the conclusion that if I can get my hands on the Cath Kidson range of fabric & wallpaper for another little boy's nursery, then playing cowboys & Indians for the next 10years won't be that bad right!?
Imagine themeing for head-dresses! Feathers, leather . . here is a resource for those of you who would like to help expectant couples find out the sex of their baby.

Here is the Nursery plan for a Girl.

Porter's Paints Wallpaper

Daisy Patch
Wallpaper Direct

The Land of Nod

Hayes Glider
Serena & Lily

And still playing around with ideas for a Boy.

 Reversible Duvet Set Spot / Cowboy
Cath Kidston

SKU2643760 Parchment/ Midnight

Have a good Monday everyone. Thanks for reading & commenting!


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Leah's Party - The Day After

Such a fun party! We have oodles of delicious leftovers & a house full of beautiful flowers. . . . makes for a good Sunday. Online masters degree programs are an option for people who love beautiful things and are interested in taking design classes.

And this is a Sunday Breakfast photo . . .with leftover Apple Tea . . delicious!

Hope you are enjoying the weekend! Stay tuned, more photos to come!


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Very Special Invite

Last month I was tickled pink to find an invite in the mail to Adore Home Magazine's First Birthday Party! Holy Cow! Just being invited to the movies is a delight for me these days so to be included on the guest list for such an event was BIG news! Some people look into an online education in interior design when they want to learn more about creating beautiful places and events.

Naturally, I couldn't take Tim . . .he just wouldn't know what to do with himself. So I took Mum & we had a lovely time!

The party was held at Magnolia Interiors. The store looked truly beautiful . . .pure visual pleasure . . .we've actually been back twice since! And I got to meet some favourite bloggers & designers. Sharnel Dollar &  Miranda Scoczek were really fun to chat to.

Here is a picture of Mum & I at the party. Mum nailed it with her statement necklace. I'm encouraging her to wear it ALL the time so she gets sick of it & flicks it on to me. What do you think the chances are of this happenening? I have that early chubby pregnant look going on  . . .the-not-quite-sure-if-its-just-too-many-pain au chocolats & gourmet burgers-stage!

Loni Parker, editor of Adore Home Magazine is one clever little lady. Humble too. Her latest magazine is full of links, links & more links and this is my favourite thing about such magazines. 

Three years ago I dreamed of having some kind of palm pilot that you could browse on & look up the websites listed while reading paper magazines . . .enter the Iphone. And now with online magazines & their built in links . . . home browsing is so easy & enjoyable.

Go on . . pop on over & have a read . . .strangely addictive isn't it!?


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A little about alot

Don't you hate it when IT fails & you know you just don't have the skills to fix it! That has been me for the past week. All good now though!

So here is a little bit about alot of things that have been happening lately!

Bridesmaid Ensemble
The Bride lives in Charleville & I live in Brisbane, so its often difficult when we are talking about jewels, materials & colours for the bridesmaid outfits. So one afternoon I put out combos on my bed & started snapping.

1. Vegas in the Springtime
2. Ladies who Lunch
3. A touch of turqouise

Vegas in the Springtime is my favourite but we're going with Ladies who Lunch as it fits in with the Polo Club wedding just perfectly!

Significant Birthday Woollahra Weekend
Well, my birthday finally arrived. I turned 30. As I am pregnant again we thought a 'big bash' with lots of booze & uninhibited dancing was not really my idea of a good time. So, Tim & I had a weekend in Woollahra, Sydney . . . and it was wonderful!

The Highlights:
1. Stayed at The Hughenden Boutique Hotel
 2. Shopped at Piggott's Store, Genevieve Lethu, Trelise Cooper & The Sydney Antique Centre
3. Dined at Bistro Moncur with best friends & Big Mamas

Sneak Peek - Leah's Bridal Shower
I think I've mentioned it a few times before but I am hosting Leah's Bridal Shower. We are having a Linen Shower. And here are a few things I've been working on this week for the afternoon tea party on Saturday. I'm particularly loving the picture wall which includes the Bride's save the date, wedding invitation & the shower invite. This was my 7am project!

New Things
Here are a couple of photos of some new pretties around my house. Mum helped me hang the pictures yesterday & the vase was a birthday present from Mum & Dad. Its circa 1900's. And Tim bought me a laptop - blogging on the kitchen bench is soooo much better than down in the office.

And Just In Case You Forgot How Cute He Is
Did I mention clever as well!? ha.
And have you seen this BRW yet?
My friend Georgina Dent wrote the story & she got the front cover! Such a great article about blogging.