Thursday, 26 January 2012

Get Your Party Dress on . . .

Of late I have been doing ALOT of craft & not alot of washing, cooking or blogging!

Here are a few snippets of some of my recent projects.
Looking forward to some final touches on this Bridal Shower for 60 girls this weekend! All boxed up & ready to go.

And here are some early ideas for a Shower Tea coming up in February.

Next week I want to tackle these for my friend's wedding in March.
Thanks to Geronimo Balloons for the inspiration & Sharnel Dollar for the fabulous balloons!

And why, just weeks before I have a baby have I decided to condense the 'to do' list of the last 12 months & make it a 'do or die' list?
Things that have been 'at some stage in my life' have suddenly become 'do at all cost' projects.
Lemon trees, tole chandeliers, garden beds, roman blinds, pram ties, nursery curtains, new chest of drawers, upholstered bedheads, tidy cookbook cupboard, shift the wine, matress protector, First Aid Course . . . . are you getting all of this!?
Here is the pram tie - the inital stage, needs some bells & beads to make it fun! Are you kidding . . .of course babies care whether they have an attractive pram tie . . . .
He's 17 months, he won't notice the upholstered bedheads . . . imagine if he does!

And here is my little helper re-organizing the cookbooks. . . pants just slow you down anyway right!?


  1. Thanks for the balloon link!
    Love the striped party favour! I saw one a while back with a similar look on Style Me Pretty that you might like...

    Have a wonderful weekend! Jx

  2. Sounds busy busy Tina! Love those balloons - so superior to the common party balloon :)
    And re our subway tiles, we did toy with grey grout as I love that look too but we are planning to try and sell soon so have just stuck with plain old white!

    Abbey x


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