Monday, 16 January 2012

Leah's Wedding- Proptastic!!

Words are just not necessary with photos this good!!

What a fantastic day!

It's all in the detail!



  1. What a beautiful wedding. I love all the vintage details and those oversized flowers are stunning!

  2. What gorgeous photos! I especially love the one of all of you on the steps.

  3. Love love love! She looks gorgeous! Love the dress, love the flowers, love the racquets! Just lovely! Thanks for the inspiration! Jx
    P.S. Venue booked - the first step is done!

  4. Get. Out. Of. Town. TINA! This is divine, absolutely loved it. Love that the theme was carried the whole way through, not just a token attempt at adding some pizazz to a special day and ruining it with poor execution. This is sublime. I can imagine how much fun you would've all had xo

  5. I just saw you lovely ladies in Queensland bride on the same page as my girlfriend Patricia! Lovely photo!! Jx


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