Monday, 27 February 2012

Artist - Emma Gale

Last night I stumbled across artist Emma Gale on The Daily Imprint. She's an Australian artist currently living in Bangalow.
And now I can't get her paintings of Frida Kahlo out of my head! She would look perfect on my bedroom wall.
Tim thinks she needs to wax her eyebrows . . . like I've mentioned before . . . his job is in the garden.

frida in mexico #1

frida in mexico #2

frida in mexico #6

frida with chihuahua

Do you like them? And which one is your favourite?


  1. Morning Tina,
    I'm a huge Frida fan! I'm loving Emma's modern take in the last painting... plus the cute lace inclusion... gets me every time!
    Great find! Jx


Thanks for the lovely comments!