Friday, 3 February 2012

Tim's Birthday Dinner

Last night we had a dinner party with good friends for Tim's birthday.
It was a surprise up until 5pm when he saw the table & knew we were having more than just spag bol for dinner!

It was a really  lovely night & Henry was so excited about having friends over he did 12 laps around the kitchen island bench!

Here are some quick table photos.

And I might be thinking of having this for breakfast . . . . . Nanny made it (Tim's favourite) . . . .so delicious!

Thanks for dropping by & for all of the lovely comments!
LovT xo


  1. Tina! It's perfection! I can see a few Pinterest inspired features here - love love loving the bow napkins. And Laguiole cutlery, top of my birthday list this year! Do tell though, what was the rest of the menu!? xo

  2. Perfect Tina! I just love how you've styled the flowers - very sweet! And the Laguiole cutlery - sigh! Jx

  3. How lovely Tina! You are such a treat, so clever. I do so miss Henry (and Tim) and I wish I could have been there for the laps around the island bench. But I must admit I miss you the most!

  4. What a beautiful dinner. Adore the black and the flowers are perfect!!


Thanks for the lovely comments!