Friday, 30 March 2012

Birth Announcements

My love for paper products is no secret. I've raved about cards & invitations here & here. The weight of the cardstock, the type of printing and the quality of the design are all important considerations.  And lined envelopes- hard to beat this level of detail!

I know . . .I know . . .gingham again!

And just in case you've forgotten how lovely she looks here is another photo. It's true . . the rug is great but right now we're focusing on the baby!!

And now for more Liebster Love . . .I'd like to pass this award onto Jane from A Jane Day.

The blogs I love & regularly read seem to have a theme . . a little DIY mixed with interior decorating projects, planning a wedding or event along with snippets of daily life. And Jane's lovely blog fits this theme perfectly!  

Head on over and take a look . . .


  1. Hi Tina, Alice is gorgeous.
    My Harry has the same seed cardi in blue!
    Hope you are getting some sleep.
    Rachael x

  2. I have a "thing" for gingham and buffalo checks. The liner in those envelopes is adorable!!

  3. i love those cards & envelopes. Who designed them?

  4. Tina!
    Thank you so very much!
    I'm so very excited that you thought of me!
    The cards look lovely by the way. I've already followed your link to Minted!
    Invitations are the next thing on the to do list for the wedding so I'm going to enjoy looking through their designs.
    Thank you again. I really admire your style and so I'm genuinely thrilled! Jx

  5. Oh and I'm a horrible person!
    Alice is a angel! It really is the sweetest photo of her! Congratulations again! Jx


Thanks for the lovely comments!