Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Easter LOVE!

A quick photo of our Easter treat bags ready for family & friends!

It's all about Bunnies in this house . . .this is Alice's Nursery with her embroidered bunny on the chair. And then Alice with her new soft bunny called Emmeline.

Totally unrelated but this is what I have bought myself for Easter.
I have been wanting to try the mixed bangle arrangement for ages!

And here is Sharnel Dollar's beautiful Easter Table.
Everything she does is so perfect! I love her ceramic bunny cake stand.
Happy Easter everyone!

IMG_4072 copy


  1. Oh thank you so much for sharing my Easter table. xx
    Alica is just gorgeous. I love a baby in a bonds grow suit!

  2. Love all this, but especially impressed that you managed to get those gorgeous little treats done with a newborn! Have a great Easter (and enjoy your arm candy treats!) Pip x

  3. What beautiful photos! Alice is to die for. Hope you had a lovely Easter with your family. x

  4. Thanks everyone! Now how do I stop eating leftover easter eggs at 3am in the morning!! lovT

  5. Alice is adorable and the bunnies are pretty cute too! I love the upholstery on that chair. Would love to find something like that for my house.


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