Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Things Around The Web

Both children are asleep (sometimes I think I deserve a Logie for achievements such as this)!
And while the LG iRobot (affectionately known as Rhonda) is vaccumming the floors I am indulging in one of my great loves .  . . browsing online.  The illustrations above are by Danielle Kroll. So lovely!

 Next up . . . look what I found on Shelter blog. I knew I was onto a good thing with gingham . . . Or Buffalo checks as it is called in this post.

ooooh . . .and spot the Foo Dog. Available here.

And check out these beautiful & affordable fabrics at
Ivy & Piper.

Leave a comment & include your favourite new 'spots' around the web!
Now to enjoy the coffee I have reheated 5 times already!
 Did I mention I need a live in nanny.
Have a lovely Wednesday.



  1. How beautiful are those red and white chairs! Gorgeous post T.
    Wish we could share our coffees together xxx

  2. Hi Tina,
    Well done for the syncronised sleepers!
    My mum actually recommended - think she found her in Country Style. Really sweet drawings and watercolours - I had a little peek today.
    Love the Ivy and Piper fabrics too - sadly didn't win any in their giveaway.
    Enjoy your cuppa!

  3. You always make such wonderful discoveries online, Miss T! As for gingham, totally gorge. Always a winner in my books.

    PS. Can I apply for the live-in nanny job!? haha!

    Kate x


Thanks for the lovely comments!