Monday, 21 May 2012

Events Gallery

Playing around with a new banner photo & I've just added the Events Gallery page if you are keen for a look!



  1. Miss T! I love love love your new banner, you clever little ducky. And the Event Gallery is totes gorge, what a beautiful collection of memories you have. I don't even have a boyfriend yet, but I already have you on speed dial for bridesmaid duties! Ha! Much love to the kidlets, how is Miss Alice? I'm off to Hobart to visit my bestie this weekend and her sweet petal Grace. Love me some baby time and pots and pots of hot tea xoxo

  2. Hi Tina,
    The new header looks lovely and fresh... I think it's about time I looked at mine!
    And I just had myself a quick peek at the event gallery.
    You are too talented! They all look so lovely!
    I love the photo of little Henry sitting on the flower box - too cute! Jx

  3. Yes please! off I go for a look, I know it will be amazing. xx

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