Friday, 1 June 2012

Friday Catch-Up

Thankyou for the thoughtful comments about Alice. I am pleased to say she is fine, it was a one-night-only stay & we were told she has a 'bottle aversion' and to let her drink her milk in a different position. We all think it's crazy but it works .. . . so I'm not questioning it!! And even little Henry is happy with this new feeding position as he can lend a hand.

And because Alice has been sleeping like a trooper I've indulged in some more online browsing.
Introducing  . . .Furbish Studio. She's bold, she's brave & the colour is divine. Bring it.

Blue and Green Ikat Settee

Orange Piped Leopard Stool

Pair of Britney Chairs
Pink Floral Lady's Chair

 Piece I

Gazebo Lamp

And of course, unlucky for us it's all in the USA.



  1. Glad to hear all is ok Tina. That's such a sweet photo of the two of them!
    Have a lovely weekend! Stay dry! Jx

  2. Your kids are adorable. Good to know that everything is fine now. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  3. I absoluely LOVE that navy and white lamp, lucky for my credit card it is in the US! x


Thanks for the lovely comments!