Friday, 27 July 2012

LCA Basket Giveaway!

Big News! The new LCA Shopping Baskets have arrived & they are just darling!

Perfect for shopping and the weekend markets, wonderful for a night at Grandma's, great at the beach & ideal for a picnic.

The colours are lovely & will be beautiful for Spring/Summer this year!

These baskets are environmentally friendly, woven with recycled plastic, washable, lightweight and perfect to use everyday.

L 41cm, W 15cm, H 29cm

$29.95 + $8.60 postage (Anywhere in Australia).

Available in the LCA Shop now!

I am having a giveaway here on the blog . . . leave a comment telling me which basket is your favourite & what you would use your LCA Shopping basket for.

Winners will be chosen at random, be sure to come back to check if you are the winner!


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dinosaur Party Prep

There are only two things in the whole world that really impress Henry . . . cars & dinosaurs. In his eyes, if you can drive then you are THE most talented person ever.  I wasn't thrilled about a car theme so we have chosen a Dinosaur theme for his 2nd Birthday Party. The idea of dressing up as a car . . . well it just didn't do it for me, a Paleontologist on the hand. That's exciting!

And good news, Alice's reflux has pretty much gone so she's happy to play now. So readers, meet Alicsaurus!

For Kid's Party styling details & prices visit The Shop.

Definitely more to come!

lov T

(Photos by Tina Kent)

Friday, 20 July 2012

All Dressed Up

Another chair! This one is for my bedroom . . .I was working on pattern placement today. For a person that doesn't do a whole lot of sitting I seem to have alot of chairs to choose from!

This fabric is Christian Lacroix for Designer's Guild- I kind of like that it is a little 80's with the carnations. Will show you once it's all finished. Well . . .that's if I can keep the clothes off it for a photo!
Happy Friday!


Monday, 9 July 2012

Christening Preparation

Alice's christening is coming up and here are a few quick pics of the party pieces.
Alice likes to match the decor wherever possible.
And she's really hoping to have a little bob aka Suri Cruise in under 4 weeks . . .

Stay tuned.

lov T xo

P.s If you are interested in party styling for your baby's Baptism/Christening, drop me an email.