Friday, 27 July 2012

LCA Basket Giveaway!

Big News! The new LCA Shopping Baskets have arrived & they are just darling!

Perfect for shopping and the weekend markets, wonderful for a night at Grandma's, great at the beach & ideal for a picnic.

The colours are lovely & will be beautiful for Spring/Summer this year!

These baskets are environmentally friendly, woven with recycled plastic, washable, lightweight and perfect to use everyday.

L 41cm, W 15cm, H 29cm

$29.95 + $8.60 postage (Anywhere in Australia).

Available in the LCA Shop now!

I am having a giveaway here on the blog . . . leave a comment telling me which basket is your favourite & what you would use your LCA Shopping basket for.

Winners will be chosen at random, be sure to come back to check if you are the winner!



  1. MMmmmm hard to decide but i do love the yellow one and it would be perfect for carting all the baby clobber everywhere. KG x

  2. Love those!
    I especially love what the pink basket is packed with!
    But I think I would have to go with the yellow is so nice and cheerful!

  3. Gorgeous bags! I'm torn between the yellow and the pink...but I think yellow wins out because it's so bright and cheery. It'd be perfect for taking to the markets and filling with fresh fruit, veggies and flowers x

  4. Ooh ooh ooh! How I love the pink! TDF, would look fab with white jeans and new yellow blazer I just bought and totes stunning with a silk scarf tied around a handle. I'd carry it in the crook of my arm for an adventure on King Willy Road Hyde Park and load up with heavenly baked goods from Red Door Bakery down the road - chorizo and caramelised onion stick and spiced fruit sourdough. Would also stop by the florist for good measure and grab a bunch of white chrysanthemums, then on to the bottleo to find a gorgeous bottle of bubbles to keep on ice until 1 August when Dry July is OVAH! Now that's my kind of shopping basket xoxo

  5. Definitely the PINK! They are gorgeous Tina. Love them to bits. I would use at the beach to carry my essentials. :)

  6. I love the pink basket! I am visualizing my self with it at the markets already!

  7. I love the yellow one, so bright and cheery!! I'm dreaming of a lovely day at the beach, perfect for carrying Miss E's clobber and her accessorising with a cute navy polka dot swimsuit. H xx

  8. yay! Keep the comments coming people . . .looks like yellow is a favourite. I took my green basket to the New Farm markets this morning . . .and let's be frank . . .I looked around and I have to say I had the nicest shopping basket there! And the cutest kids . . .alright, well just the best basket!

  9. I was there didn't see you, although I did spend a while sitting in the park! Xx

  10. Ooh, I love the yellow and white basket, divine! I would use mine to fill upm on fresh food goodies at the markets and pack it full of delicious picnic food for a day on the boat! xxx

  11. These look great in every colour - great for the beach too!

    Melissah from Scrapbook

  12. They're really lovely Tina! Cute styling too.
    I love the pink!
    It'd be fantastic to pick up a few things at the Eagle Farm markets.
    I can see it with a bread stick, some marinated feta and of course the requisite bunch of flowers!
    Look forward to spotting them around Brisbane! Jx

  13. I love the green! I would use it to collect flowers from the gaden. It would also look beautiful filled with magazines in my living room. xx

  14. I would use it distract me from the fact that my house is overrun with starwars and lego...4 boys will do that to you!

  15. I so would love any colour they all look fabulous, I would use mine for the beach or as a gift basket like in your picture...great giveaway! Have a lovely week xx

  16. I would pick the pink. Would have been perfect for my picnic today x


Thanks for the lovely comments!