Friday, 24 August 2012

Busy Weekend!

It's 4pm Friday afternoon & I'm getting excited about the weekend!
First thing Saturday morning I'll be at Mathilda's Markets with our LCA Basket stall and then I'm going to Noosa with 8 friends for the weekend. Here is my pile of un-ironed weekend wear. Remember what I said about never being able to see the pretty chair in our room!?
And let's not miss a chance for promotion . . . a yellow LCA Basket will be the perfect Hastings Street accessory!
Here is a picture of my market sign . . . hand lettering is much harder than expected!
What are you doing this weekend? The weather in Brisbane today is wonderful.


  1. Ok, so now I am slightly jealous about Noosa! The weather is fab - enjoy! Might see you at the markets, Nel xx

    1. Great seeing you Helen! Thanks for showing us the basket buckle idea for your pram! LovT

  2. Have an amazing weekend Tina!
    We're heading up the coast as well! I think you'll trump me on the enjoyment front - I'll be running/shuffling my first (and probably last) half marathon.
    Would rather be shopping in Hastings Street (with a LCA basket of course!)
    Have fun! Jx

    1. Good on you Jane! After that you will deserve a double massimo's ice-cream in Hastings St! Good Luck, I'll be thinking of you! LovT


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