Thursday, 9 August 2012

LCA Basket Giveaway WINNER!

So I'm sure there are all sorts of fancy IT savvy ways of randomly selecting giveaway winners on blogs . . . not here friends.

 I did it old school style . . . from a boater hat!

And the winner is . . . . .

Brenda! Congratulations, you're the winner of a Pink LCA Basket!!

And then I clicked on Brenda's profile & look what I found out about her:

I love things with ruffles, Frenchy things & bathtub lounging, thick snuggly socks & vintage china, ballet flats, reading on the lounge, taking photos, fancy deli’s, & summer days, good coffee, new friends & chandeliers, treasure hunting & cosy winter things, old furniture & rag quilts, fresh flowers & tea dresses worn with pearls, home boutiques, cocktails, walking on the beach, flea markets, garden lanterns & candles, making things & pots of tea, open fires & sipping wine, home-cooking & sofa sinking…

I think Brenda & the Pink LCA Shopping Basket are a PERFECT MATCH!
Email me Brenda with your postal address to claim your prize.

Thanks for participating in my giveaway everyone! The comments were wonderful.

Treat yourself to your favourite colour LCA Basket by visiting the LCA Online Shop.

P.S I did it, that is Anna Spiro's Trellis wallpaper on my fireplace. Seeing this at 5am when I wake up is so lovely.
And here is a quick photo from Alice's Christening Day . . . more to come soon!




  1. Wallpaper looks Fabulous! Have a lovely day xx


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