Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Fabric LOVE

Beautiful fabrics & paper products are two of my great loves. A quick look in my linen cupboard will reveal (actually best not to look) a messy pile of leftover fabric remnants from various projects. And the craft cupboard is full to the brim of papers & ribbon. 

How times change . . .I used to collect shoes & clutches.
I also used to drink flaming tequila until 4am and then leave my clutch on the bar.

Anyway, I'm putting together a playroom downstairs at our house & having some cushions made & some chairs upholstered in a few of these fabrics. I know when Mum reads this she will want some too! If you would like some cushions or if you have a piece of furniture that you'd like done in these fabrics email me with the project & I'll get back to you with a price.

p.s Are you on Instagram!? How good is Instagram! I was very slow of the mark . . . Kate from The PolkaDot Pantry got me into it. Like most social media . .total time zapper!!



  1. Instagram is the bee's knees, T! It's like blogging on steroids - I love that it's instant and spontaneous and insightful. Love it almost as much as that AH-MAZING collection of fabrics you pulled together. I wish for a cushion in every pattern! And maybe a 30th birthday dress at the same time! xxx

  2. Wow! All my favourite fabrics in one place... It is possibly sad that I know nearly all of them by name and company who makes them! Love them all!

  3. I love all those fabrics!
    I have a couch and two chair the need reupholstering...but unfortunately I also have kitchen that needs a complete makeover and at the moment that takes priority!
    Oh and I need some curtains too!

  4. Those are gorgeous. Especially loving the blues.

  5. You have such good taste Tina!!! I love everything you have!!!!


Thanks for the lovely comments!