Friday, 9 November 2012

Introducing . . .Copy My Favorite


Let me introduce you to a wonderful new business called Copy My Favorite.

Copy My Favorite is a modern day version of an old school seamstress or tailoring service. It was borne out of the desire to provide a quality tailoring service at affordable prices.

Catherine, founder and good friend has spent 7 years living in Jakarta, Singapore and Hong Kong and realised the most common request from visiting friends and relatives was: “Get me to a tailor!”

By providing this service, people no longer need to wait for their next trip to Asia to get their tailoring done.
As the name suggests they make new versions of your old favorite garments, additionally offering Made to Measure, Interior and Wedding services too.

I have had 2 dresses made so far and have this orange fabric lined up for a third! The quality of the sewing is excellent, the fit matches perfectly to my originals, they are fast, extremely reliable and so affordable. Isn't this mint green fabric with embroidered black dots beautiful . . .it's a copy of the dress I wore to Alice's Christening.

And let's not pretend . . .when I choose the fabric and dress style . . .I kind of feel like a fashion designer  . . .even just a little bit!

Why not get a favorite dress copied for Christmas Day this year?
Visit the website and get started.
Once you get your first dress back . . . .you'll want to do more I just know you will!



  1. That is the best idea EVER T! My first stop on any holiday in Asia is the local tailor and I've found the best thing to do is to copy an existing item - works a dream. This is perfect, I can do just that and not have to leave my living room! I find fabric hunting the hardest bit - where have you had success? Thanks for the heads up, you have such clever friends! x

  2. This sounds AMAZING!
    I can think of about three dresses I want copied!
    I will definitely check it out!

  3. I'm going to use this service!

    1. I know Sharnel it's the bomb. So when I buy a dress now I say to myself 'oh it's okay paying this cause I can get it copied and then it's a bargain.'
      It's one of those stupid justification things I do!! And then I eat tuna for a week. Look forward to seeing what you have made. lovT


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