Monday, 5 November 2012

Our weekend in Sydney

Morning Everyone! Tim & I have just had a fabulous weekend in Sydney without the children!
You might remember this post about our last trip to Sydney.

Things were ALOT more relaxed this time around!
It was a double celebration weekend, my friends baby is due in a month & she had a 'Bambino Celebrazione' and it was our wedding anniversary. I love parties with old friends . . .they are simply the best.

Double Bay is my favourite spot in Sydney. I love the streetscape with it's topiary trees and striped awnings. I love seeing gentlemen wearing ferragamos and drinking morning espressos. It's safe, it's pretty & it's old school.  A highlight for me was the Double Bay festival on Sunday. It took us completely by surprise! Here are some snaps of my weekend & few little purchases.

New favourite shops include: Olivades, Mandalay Flowers and Maison Et Jardin. And of course Sydney Antique Centre.

And the markets were great! I ummed & ahhed about these vintage glasses. Do you ever try something on and think . . . .'Am I cool enough to pull these off!?' . . . .as a 31yr old Mother of two I find I am constantly asking myself this. Hemlines too short, earrings too dangly, fluro too bright . . . but I love these glasses and they fit nicely so they came home with us.

Henry & Alice had a weekend escape to Noosa . . . I do miss them this morning but it's hard to beat a sleep in until 7.30am.

I hope you guys had a fun weekend!



  1. Those little birds nestled in the flowers are so gorgeous!!!

    1. Aren't they cute E.A.P & only $7.50 each! What is the saying . . if in doubt put a bird on it!? lovT

  2. T, can I just adopt your friends? And your husband, and kidlets? Can I, can I? What a fabulous weekend you had - full of the best things in life. Congrats on your wedding anniversary - it's still, hands down, the most ah-mazing wedding I've ever seen x

    1. I've told you before . . .let's do a Freaky Friday & swap lives!! I have 100% committed . . .it's you that's dragging the chain my friend! lovT

  3. Sounds like a fabulous weekend - I hope you are having a little flutter on the races!
    Melissah from Scrapbook

    1. Thanks Melissa! I'm just no good at betting, what about you!? lovT

  4. Lovely photos Tina!
    Great to see you had such a wonderful time!
    PS love the glasses! Jx


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