Friday, 31 August 2012

This & That in August

Quick post today . . .

So, Noosa was fantastic! Thanks for asking.

We met some lovely people at Mathilda's Markets . . .  watching people choose their favourite colour LCA shopping basket was my favourite part!

Look at this, Leah's basket is taking flight!

I'm doing a 1st Birthday party for a gorgeous little girl in Singapore . . .LCA goes International!! haha.

Henry's Dinosaur Party is next weekend- he's pumped that the girls can be dinosaurs too.

And we had a tea party in the backyard today . . .Henry hosted . . . when he felt Alice & I had had enough tea he stole the teacups and hid them in the sandpit. It was quite an abrupt end to the occasion!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Busy Weekend!

It's 4pm Friday afternoon & I'm getting excited about the weekend!
First thing Saturday morning I'll be at Mathilda's Markets with our LCA Basket stall and then I'm going to Noosa with 8 friends for the weekend. Here is my pile of un-ironed weekend wear. Remember what I said about never being able to see the pretty chair in our room!?
And let's not miss a chance for promotion . . . a yellow LCA Basket will be the perfect Hastings Street accessory!
Here is a picture of my market sign . . . hand lettering is much harder than expected!
What are you doing this weekend? The weather in Brisbane today is wonderful.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

LCA at The Mathilda's Markets this Saturday!

That's right folks, we will be touting our wares at The Mathilda's Markets this Saturday 25th August. Eagle Farm Racecourse, Ascot.

Be sure to come & say hi!


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Bloggers with LCA Baskets

The new LCA Shopping Baskets have been a big hit with bloggers so far!

 Thus, I've decided to do a new segment called 'Bloggers & their LCA Baskets'.  

Let's be frank, it's a shameless plug for the baskets but a fun one at that!

Meet Helen . . . she is the co-author behind a new blog called Vera Margaret. She has a baby girl called Evie, loves to shop & has a really good set of pins . . .try to focus on the bag people . . .not her legs.  Helen is a good cook. She takes her bag to the markets on the weekend to stock up on pretty flowers & fresh produce. Her pumpkin soup is to die for! Her yellow basket also doubles as a nappy bag when she & Evie hit the shops.

Stay tuned for more 'Bloggers & their LCA Baskets' coming soon . . .

Friday, 10 August 2012

Alice's Christening Day

Last Sunday we celebrated Alice's Christening Day at St Ignatius Church followed by lunch for 21 family and friends at home. It was a more intimate affair than Henry's Christening and ALOT more pink!

Lunch was heaps of fun, Alice was happy all day & I'm thrilled to pieces with these beautiful photos to keep forever.

Oh  . . . and the little bags are filled with lavender & fastened with an old-school nappy pin, keeps your drawers smelling nice!  
LovT xo

For Party Styling visit here.

Photos by Dennis Vogelsang -

Thursday, 9 August 2012

LCA Basket Giveaway WINNER!

So I'm sure there are all sorts of fancy IT savvy ways of randomly selecting giveaway winners on blogs . . . not here friends.

 I did it old school style . . . from a boater hat!

And the winner is . . . . .

Brenda! Congratulations, you're the winner of a Pink LCA Basket!!

And then I clicked on Brenda's profile & look what I found out about her:

I love things with ruffles, Frenchy things & bathtub lounging, thick snuggly socks & vintage china, ballet flats, reading on the lounge, taking photos, fancy deli’s, & summer days, good coffee, new friends & chandeliers, treasure hunting & cosy winter things, old furniture & rag quilts, fresh flowers & tea dresses worn with pearls, home boutiques, cocktails, walking on the beach, flea markets, garden lanterns & candles, making things & pots of tea, open fires & sipping wine, home-cooking & sofa sinking…

I think Brenda & the Pink LCA Shopping Basket are a PERFECT MATCH!
Email me Brenda with your postal address to claim your prize.

Thanks for participating in my giveaway everyone! The comments were wonderful.

Treat yourself to your favourite colour LCA Basket by visiting the LCA Online Shop.

P.S I did it, that is Anna Spiro's Trellis wallpaper on my fireplace. Seeing this at 5am when I wake up is so lovely.
And here is a quick photo from Alice's Christening Day . . . more to come soon!



Wednesday, 8 August 2012

LCA Shopping Basket Giveaway Thursday!

The LCA Basket Giveaway is being drawn tomorrow!

Comment here or here to be in the running to win an LCA Shopping Basket in your favourite colour.

These baskets are environmentally friendly, woven with recycled plastic, washable, lightweight and perfect to use everyday.

L 41cm, W 15cm, H 29cm

$29.95 + $8.60 postage (Anywhere in Australia).

Available in the LCA Shop now!

See you tomorrow!