Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Nursery Chair

I'm doing a nursery chair for a friend of a friend and these are the options so far. Yellow is such a nice colour for a gender neutral nursery. I'm all about the nursery chair being comfortable and stylish and if thoughtfully chosen can end up being a lovely piece in the child's room as they grow older.

Did you see the gender reveal party Sharnel Dollar did over here? Fabulous colour scheme! Which fabric would you choose for the chair?

Monday, 22 October 2012

LCA Custom Furniture Pieces SOLD

The LCA White Hall Table sold today to a lovely customer! 

Drop me an email if you are interested in one. They are custom made & can be done in any colour you choose.
$250 + delivery.

And this custom occasional chair is going to a property in Roma.
It's even more beautiful in real life!
I'm itching to do another one so let me know if your husband/partner/little voice inside your head says 'you don't need another chair' . . . .but you want to get one anyway!!

Oh yes, it was my birthday on Monday.  . 31yrs . . . I noticed a permanent wrinkle on my forehead last night. At least I still have more hair than Tim I guess!

And the same lovely customer bought the LCA yellow tray. I find trays incredibly useful for grouping things!

The Cumquat Tree in Toowoomba is now stocking our LCA Shopping baskets!
Their shop is full of fabulous things for your home . . .well worth a visit!
And Alice was very happy today as she is now receiving twice daily massage to help her sleep. So while we pretend her nursery is the day spa & play soft tunes, Henry pretends he is Angelina Ballerina and does pirouettes followed by the splits.
Never a dull moment around here.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Eva's 1st Birthday Party

 Happy Birthday Eva!!
Eva lives in Singapore and Sarah asked me to help style Eva's 1st Birthday Party. I love pink & green as a colour combination for little girls.   

Sarah put so much work into this pretty party . . . and these photos are incredibly special and lovely to keep forever.

Such a good looking family and Sarah loves the details just as much as I do!

For party styling visit here or see other examples of my work here.

Happy weekend everyone!


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Fabric LOVE

Beautiful fabrics & paper products are two of my great loves. A quick look in my linen cupboard will reveal (actually best not to look) a messy pile of leftover fabric remnants from various projects. And the craft cupboard is full to the brim of papers & ribbon. 

How times change . . .I used to collect shoes & clutches.
I also used to drink flaming tequila until 4am and then leave my clutch on the bar.

Anyway, I'm putting together a playroom downstairs at our house & having some cushions made & some chairs upholstered in a few of these fabrics. I know when Mum reads this she will want some too! If you would like some cushions or if you have a piece of furniture that you'd like done in these fabrics email me with the project & I'll get back to you with a price.


p.s Are you on Instagram!? How good is Instagram! I was very slow of the mark . . . Kate from The PolkaDot Pantry got me into it. Like most social media . .total time zapper!!