Thursday, 7 February 2013

Little Jack's Room

You've no doubt picked it up already . . . I am a big fan of decorating spaces for children. Jack's Mum has asked for ideas for his room in their new house.

Jack's theme coudn't be better : a little country, a little preppy.
Game on. Bring it home.

Jack now owns the red chair . . . he bought it from my shop in the sale. Clever boy. Picture 2.  

He wasn't a fan of the chinese people picnicing in the garden (are all males the same!?) so I've had a cushion made for him in a preppy blue & white stripe. Picture 1.

And then this 'Polo' throw cushion for on top, piped in black and white ticking.

Wear your collar up buddy . . . All Players Welcome.

And the floral wallpaper is a new addition to our house. When I saw it finished I had a rush of emotion . . similar to when Henry & Alice were born. That is the truth. 

More photos later when the room is finished. (Don't you hate bloggers that do this ... same. At least I didn't use the words sneak peak. . . . how irritating. And pineapples . . .enough already, they irritate me too!


  1. T, you kill me everytime! Another perfect post. But mate, I would've liked a pic of the wallpaper man. I imagined him as tall, dark and handsome. Your knight in shining armour. Did he have a similar spiritual awakening when the last panel was laid? What does Tim think about this?! X

    1. He was British to boot Kate! haha. He did love the paper . . .def not as much as me though. And Tim . . . I honestly think he gets scared going to work just wondering what he might come home to each day!

  2. Loving the sneak peek! I do that all the time too, its too much to have everything ready in one go most of the time! haha

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