Friday, 1 March 2013

My Easter Table 2013

My love for styled tables is ever increasing! And with Easter just around the corner I decided to put together a table for our Easter Lunch (which coincides with Mum's birthday this year!)

Bed Bath & Table have some amazing Easter decorations- the colours are beautiful.

Henry & Alice each get a bunny and the little baskets were full to the brim with eggs until Henry decided to go around the table sampling an egg from each basket one by one!

And here's a quick look at a couple of other tables I've done so far - here & here & here.  

What are you guys doing for Easter? We're planning an egg hunt too!

lov T 

For LCA table styling visit here.


  1. Looks absolutely fab! You're very talented indeed.
    Tell me. Where is that cutlery from? It's most attractive.

    1. Hi EAP, it is my Grandma's. I think she's sick of lending it so she gave it to me! Check Ebay in the states I think. Thanks for reading! LovT

  2. Hello! BB'n'T is Easter Bunny utopia. I go every year for my Alice... Love the table, Tina. And thanks for the kind words. Just what I needed tonight. Your world is so lovely. Colour everywhere. Makes me smile. xx

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