Wednesday, 1 May 2013

April Breakdown!

April was Bananas! 
Remember the war-cry from school?

Here are some of my on-the-go shots. Apologies if you have already seen some of these on Insta.  

20 tassels for Nina's Wedding. It was a flurry of gold, white and silver for a while here at LCA . . .I sustained a tasseling blister. True story.

Next up I styled the Stand Tall Ball at Custom's House.  More tassels . . .kill me now. The polkadot pots looks lovely, flowers were a bit of a disappointment as I was hoping for red tones with more berries but was happy enough with the look in the end. The waiters wore top hats & bow ties which added to the big top fun!

Followed by the LCA Styled Wedding in Bangalow
I am anxiously waiting for photos  . .  . . .here are a few glimpses I took setting up. It was prop heaven and the bride looked classic and beautiful.
Welcome to my dream 2013 wedding!

 And then we dressed up as Peppa Pig . . . because everyone who is anyone does.

So then we launched the NEW LCA HIGH SOCIETY NECKLACE which is so damn exciting I can hardly contain myself.
Available online for $69.96 + 8.95 post Aus Wide.

And to quote from my new favourite Kate Spade book . . .

'Fashion is all wound up in that length of colour at your neck line'

She said it.

Are you tired yet? Same, do your babies sleep well? Wish mine did.

And then Sharnel Dollar asked if I'd like to help at her Dessert Table 101 Workshops. I had such a lovely Sunday & as you would imagine the styling and decor was perfect and the content so inspiring.

And that is a wrap!
Thanks if you stuck with me til the end of this post!



  1. What a month! You need a mummy only holiday to the four seasons in Hawaii!! Well done you. All that hard work is paying off!!!! x

  2. How is May looking? Is it a tassel free month?

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