Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Decorating with Flowers

 Last weekend there was a photo shoot at our house. Mum & I must have filled every vase I own with either flowers or greenery. The smell of fresh flowers in the house was beautiful.
While we were filling vases and working out where they looked best it made me realize just how much flowers and greenery can add to a room. The element of nature, the different texture and colour ground the space and is often the 'missing element'. An oversized vase with large branches of greenery can look sensational!

I think flowers look nice on coffee tables, kitchen benches, entrance tables, console tables, fireplaces, bedside tables, bathroom benches, side tables and in shelves.  In fact I can't actually think of a spot where they don't look great!

Here is a roundup of some lovely spots with blooms and greenery for a bit of inspiration.

Do you have a favourite spot in your house where you always put flowers?  

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