Sunday, 15 September 2013

Blue & White Ceramics at LCA Online

Today was a pretty great day!
We woke up early (I swear my kids wake up before the birds) had some breakfast and went to the park to play. Then Tim & Henry went to the Museum and while Alice had a good 3 hours sleep I photographed our new Blue & White Ceramic Collection for the Online Shop.

After editing and uploading the photos tonight I'm really happy with the result. Tim bought me a new camera and I feel VERY professional (but don't know what any of the buttons do!)

I love all of the pieces in this Blue & White Collection. The tall jars and lamps are perfect as big statement pieces, the mid size happiness jars and rectangular jars look great grouped in vignettes, on coffee tables, shelves and console tables. A Blue and White plate hanging wall display is effortlessly chic and the round trinket jars are perfect for holding your jewels or his coins and other  paraphernalia that men empty out of their pockets each night after work!

I hope you enjoy the collection!
Shop the ceramics HERE.

lovT xo


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