Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Autumn Shopping Soiree Wrap-up

Hello All! 
April just got away from me and it seems so long since we hosted our LCA Autumn Shopping Soiree

I think I said the same thing after our last Shopping Soiree, meeting old and new customers is always my favorite part. When I am wrapping up the online orders on the kitchen table I often think about the customer . . .I wonder where will she wear this piece and what she will wear it with, and I like to think she will feel fabulous stepping out in LCA.  So the best part is meeting those customers in person and that is exactly what happens at these events. Everyone drinks, chats and shops and the room is full of women laughing and talking. The pack up and pack down is not so great  . . . but that's another story. 

Thanks again for coming and I hope everyone had a really happy Easter and some well deserved time off. Seems like so long ago now! 

Winter has arrived in Brisbane now and I can finally wear the Pom Pom Beanie. . . feels like I've been waiting forever! 

Much Love and as always thanks for all of your support for LCA.  

Tina Kent xx

Photos by Emily Archbald Photography. Check out her Facebook page here