Wednesday, 9 April 2014

LCA Autumn Shopping Soiree 2014

Hello Everyone! 

Just a quick update to let you know we are having an LCA Autumn Shopping Soiree- Thursday 10th & Saturday 12th April 2014 in Brisbane.  

You are more than welcome to come along, in fact we'd love to see you! 
Please email me at: for the full invite. 

And in case you can't make it to the Soiree here are some pics of our new products! The LCA Online Shop is just bursting with new things!! 
It's so exciting! 

Love Tina Kent xx

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Children's Artwork

Today I'm thinking about my Children's Artwork and how we can group it altogether. Currently it is in the third drawer, in the boot of the car, in Tim's office, on the laundry bench . . . .the list goes on.
Too special to throw away and too large to keep hanging on the fridge so I need another option.

I love the idea of grouping it in a cluster wall like some of the pictures above. And I really like these clear acrylic frames!

What do you do with your kid's special art pieces?  

I'd love to know.

Love Tina Kent xo

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Friday, 14 March 2014

Alice's Daisy Party


Alice turned 2yrs old last weekend and we celebrated with a Daisy themed Party.
As both children get older their parties are becoming lots of fun!

Alice's new cubby was a big hit with the little girls & as per usual the trampoline turned into a caged WWF show for the boys. We also had a Pinata this year - so much entertainment!

Emily Archbald has done a fantastic job photographing Alice's party. As many of you will know, trying to get a family photo with a 3yr old and 2yr old both looking at the camera, fingers out of noses, sitting on laps, clean faces and brushed hair is no easy task. Emily gets it right each time. I just love having photos of the 4 of us each year.

Stacey Resetti baked Alice's Daisy chocolate mudcake, delicious cupcakes and 'A' biscuits and my Nanny made the sweet flower biscuits. Stacey is a baking perfectionist. The cake looked just the way I wanted and tasted even better.  Nannies biscuits were a favourite with everyone also!

Alice stole the show in her little top and hat made by Chip + Bunny, and cute gingham bloomers made by Mum. Our LCA Betty Draper Daisy Necklace completely nailed the theme. I love the vintage feel of this necklace.

And although I don't have one piece of photographic evidence to prove it, we had two special guests at the party . . . Suri Cruise and  . . . . no just joking . . . even better Kate Elliot from The Polkadot Pantry and her friend Alice (32yrs vs 2 yrs!).

So that's a wrap. As always I enjoyed the lead up craft projects, the planning and the styling, the chatting and the playing . . . while friends and family poured the drinks, served the sandwiches and quiche and helped tidy up at the end.

We've all got our strengths. My strength is ensuring the daisy straws all face the same way! ha.

Enjoy these images.

Love Tina Kent xo