Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Easter Surprise

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Sometimes I wish the Easter Bunny would diversify his range of easter gifts . . .I mean, I know he does a variety of chocolate from light to dark, has been known to throw in the odd caramel center & is attune to my maturing palette with his previous turkish delight & truffle offerings  . . . BUT this year . . .with the goal of fitting back into my pre-baby jeans, coupled with my interest (bordering on outright obsession with soft-furnishings) chocolate eggs in bright aluminium foil just won't fit the brief.
Beat it Bunny.

Now . .  . .a Zebra print rug on the other hand . . .well that would make for a VERY special Easter surprise!

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Domino Magazine

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Zebra Print Rug

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  1. wonderful images...the first one is my dream living room in my imaginary beach house!!

  2. Beautiful post (as usual). I have been reading this blog for a while and I always learn something new.

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